Discover hidden beauties of Lebanon and participate in our monthly guessing game.
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June 20, 2005
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The site is dedicated to unveil hidden beauties of Lebanon and to reveal its rarely encountered charms and splendors.


- In Spring 2004, we launched the site with an upgrade every season reaching to many pictures and various locations in Lebanon!

- In December 2004 we made a public photo exhibition.

- In December 2004 we launched two mountains-of-lebanon 2005 calendars in order to unveil Lebanon hidden beauties and charms to more people and throughout the year.


For 2006

For next year we will be launching a new calendar for 2006 in the market as well as a new concept the Corporate Calendar: a customizable mountains-of-lebanon calendar with your own company logo.


Check us regularly to try to guess where these pictures were taken, we might post some clues before unveiling the location by October 1st   -  Click here to tell us where you think these places are! 



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