Founded in December 2004,

The 2020 Calendars are the 16th Edition!


Mountains of Lebanon is dedicated to unveiling and sustaining hidden beauties of Lebanon and to revealing its rarely encountered charms and beauties.

Every Year, since 2005, Mountains of Lebanon publishes at least two calendars with pictures from locations throughout Lebanon and throughout the seasons...

The pictures are shot the year before, while in hiking or car trips private or public throughout the seasons and the areas.

This large (and increasing) collection of Photos is shot throughout the seasons, in all Lebanon’s regions. These Photos date back to the early 2000’s for the non-digital, scanned and the digital go back to 2007.

The Ultimate and long term goal is to have at least one photo from each and every village and town of Lebanon.

The Calendars "Mountains of Lebanon" are sold in all Local Bookshops  

In addition to that Mountains of Lebanon Calendar are also sold as corporate end of year Gifts

The 2020 Design and Photo Selection are almost Done! and this year we might want to publish your pictures as well! get is touch to check how...



Within the Same thinking of Unveiling hidden beauties of Lebanon, We are launching a new exciting Game of Treasure* Hunting, where would can discover or rediscover an area with a detective, or archaeologist's sharp eyes, and have loads of Fun of course!



Major Benchmarks

  • Spring 2004 launching of the Web Site
  • December 2004, 1st solo Photo exhibition at College Saint Joseph
  • December 2004 launching the 1st edition of Mountains of Lebanon with 3 different calendars
  • December 2008 2nd solo photo exhibition at AUB
  • January  2015 Re-Launching an Upgraded Web Site
  • Spring 2019 Treasure Hunting Games




* A fake Treasure with no Monetary Value!