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June 20, 2005
  Unveiling hidden beauties of Lebanon          


The site, mainly throught its Photo Galleries, reveals the rarely encountered charm and beauty of Lebanon.You will discover places far away from the common or traditional touristic locations. Fascinating places you could not expecte to be in Lebanon. There won’t be a lot of photos of Beirut, Byblos, Baalback Saida, Sour or Beit-ed-din…

But you will see the last wind mills of Enfe salt marshes, Niha’s amazing geological formation, the ancient sacred ponds of Yamouneh, the enchanted fir forest of Fnaidek, some amazing fall colors, and more to be discovered throughout the seasons.
Yammouneh - Rashaya (on roll)              
          Jahliyyeh- Ajaltoun(on roll)        
    Sannine - Marjheem (on roll)              

In addition to the above mentioned themes, a special gallery will feature 4x4 amateur off-road trips in remote and “wild” areas of Lebanon.
Our galleries contain more than 100 images of undiscovered beautiful areas in Lebanon.
Participate in our monthly guessing game and discover more of Lebanon.

                    Oyoun Orghosh - Barouk(on roll)    
Another original idea and concept by: Philip H. Saleh
Photography by: Philip H. Saleh
Designed by: May Fawwaz
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