Discover hidden beauties of Lebanon and participate in our monthly guessing game.
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June 20, 2005

Unveiling hidden beauties of Lebanon


This song by Joe Dassin talks about the "Indian Summer",

"... C'était l'automne, un automne où il faisait beau
Une saison qui n'existe que dans le Nord de l'Amérique
Là-bas on l'appelle l'été indien
Mais c'était tout simplement le nôtre
Toute la vie sera pareille à ce matin
Aux couleurs de l'été indien"


"...It was autumn, an autumn which was beautiful
A season that did not exist but in the north of America
There they call it Indian summer
But it was simply ours
All life will be similar to this morning
With the colors of Indian summer"

Paroles et Musique: Pierre Delanoé et Claude Lemesle 


If the Indian summer exists only in north of America, and the site here is dedicated to unveil hidden beauties of Lebanon… Can these pictures be in Lebanon?


Check us regularly to try to guess where these pictures were taken, we might post some clues before unveiling the location by October 1st

Click here to tell us where you think these places are!

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