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September 21, 2004


  Record Book for Nature Based Activities


  This small booklet (10.5x14.5cm) is dedicated to all nature lovers.
As the title clearly indicates its purpose is for the reader to fill it in, and hence, keep track of his/her nature based activities. These can vary from simple car trips, to biking, hiking, paragliding, climbing, rafting, and horse back riding…
The booklet is subdivided into two main parts: on the one hand one day or phase activities and on the other the multiple days/phases activities.
To encourage you to go out into the “wild”, discover and enjoy nature, we added fading* background pictures on each and every page depicting, either an activity or a landscape image of a location in Lebanon. Moreover, the one day activities part contains 52 pages, one page for every week of the year.
In the introduction you will find hints on the biodegradation period of some elements, some recycling facts and figures, some basic first aid conducts and tips, as well as some energy expenditure (calories) per specific nature based activities.





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